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Getting Started

First set a budget for the number of incentive awards that employees can win for playing and working safely.  A good rule is to budget for 10% of your employee group winning an incentive award each game. For example, 100 employees equal ten incentive awards for each game. This gives more employees a chance to win and will motivate participation. Then determine a budget for each incentive award.

Next, distribute a SAFE-T-WORD® BINGO game card to all employees. Every card is different.

SAFE-T-WORD® BINGO is played just like regular bingo but replaces numbers with safety instructional slogans.  

Select a SAFE-T-WORD® Bingo slogan from the SAFE-T-WORD® Selection Deck of cards each day. Post the daily slogan on the promotion poster for all employees to see. Or email the slogan to all employees.  Note the date each slogan is called on the SAFE-T-WORD® Bingo Register to verify and confirm winners.

Employees mark through [X] or highlight the slogan IF it is on their game card. The first employee(s) to BINGO win.  Continue play until half of the designated number of awards are won.  Then have the second chance drawing.

Second Chance - Employees have a second chance to win safety awards and reinforce safety behavior. Have employees complete the question on the back of each card -

The most important thing I can do to BSAFE is __________________, 

Sign the back of the card and return it to the safety department for a second chance incentive award drawing.  Draw the number of names to match the remaining number of awards.  



Select Incentive Awards


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Play standard bingo games like straight-line bingo, horizontal, vertical, cover-all bingo and others  to control length of promotion. Different color cards are available to distinguish the beginning and end of each game.

Selection Deck





Choose from stock SAFE-T-WORD® Bingo games with specific bahavior slogans for INDUSTRY, HEALTHCARE, DRIVING/DELIVERY, and RESTAURANT.

Custom design SAFE-T-WORD® Bingo slogans available for any industry, workplace, or hazards.  Contact for more information.